Effective Ways for Website Traffic

March 19th, 2012 | Tags: ,

Website traffic is the most significant part in any Internet-based business. Website traffic can dictate either the success or failure of any online business venture. In order for you to be successful with your online business, all you have to do is to develop various techniques of getting traffic.

Here are the most effective ways of getting traffic to your website.

• Article Writing and Submission- Article writing and submission are considered one of the effective way of getting traffic to your website. Website owners must submit articles with high quality, unique, relevant and useful content to various article directories that will inform and captivate the attention of the site’s visitors. Through high quality articles, visitors will spend a huge amount of time browsing the sites, clicking and bookmarking. In addition, the article must consist of the author’s biography as well as the embedded URL of your website. Due to its cost-effectiveness, article writing is considered as a powerful method of getting traffic.
• Search engine optimization- Having a good SEO is also very significant for getting traffic. SEO will ensure that your website will be at the top of search reports. You also need to develop certain amount of keywords that are relevant to the article or product that is being promoted. Aside from keywords, SEO also requires that the Meta cloud or keyword must contain all of the relevant keywords.
• Pay per click advertising (PPC) – PPC is considered as the quickest way of getting website traffic. However, PPC is the most costly method but it enables you to direct traffic to the website through posting in Google AdWords, Bing or Yahoo.
• Social Bookmarking sites- These are considered as the most powerful venues for getting traffic to your site. Social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Digg are the most well-known venues in getting website traffic. Video marketing through the use of YouTube has already gained popularity as an advertising strategy for your site and products. In addition, video is fantastic way for the visitor in getting a sense of knowing and it also allows you to have a kind of face to face interaction.
• Online classifieds- This is another popular technique in getting website traffic. Posting ads will get you tons of visitors and the ads will also show up on Google search engine.
• Viral marketing- Viral marketing refers to the concept of word of mouth advertising. This kind of advertising will create potential growth through viewing more messages, telling a friend and marketing messages.
• Forum Marketing- Joining forums relevant to your niche area and including a link to your squeeze page in forum signature can be a great way to get website traffic. Making useful and relevant posts can increase your subscribers in the coming days.
• Blog commenting- Blog commenting can be an excellent way of building back link to squeeze your page and getting targeted visitors on the email list.
• Joining Yahoo! Answers- Through Yahoo! Answers you can provide highly targeted website traffic in your niche area and this method is also a great way to discover common questions that are being asked by people within your market area.
• Traffic exchanges- This method let you use either a splash page or squeeze page which is a great way to drive targeted website traffic.

There you go. I hope the above lists of various ways for website traffic can help you and your online business to be successful. You just need to apply the above ways along with patience and hard work in order for you to be successful in your field.

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